CS:GO Betting: Beginners guide

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CS:GO Betting: Beginners guide

CS GO is one of the most popular and viewed shooters of all time and number of top team fans is growing every year. Some fans  want to support the team not only with their voice, but also with money. Esports bookmakers are ready to meet the demand of this audience and offer a wide range of options to bet on most matches and tournaments.

But for those who do not have experience with the community or game, it can be a daunting exercise to get affiliated with. Luckily, there are only a few things to consider before you can begin on your path to excellence with it. These include familiarizing yourself on where, how, and what to say when placing a bet. Be careful though as because with all financial games self-restraint is required.

Okay, let’s start our journey to profitable cs go betting.

Types Of CS GO Matches

There are several types of matches and game modes found in competitive CS: GO. These are denoted by the abbreviations BO1 as well as BO2, BO3 and so on and so forth, these stand for best of one, best of two, and best of three maps played within one match. Game modes vary but the most popular are demolition and deathmatch.

In Demolition one team is assigned to be terrorist and the other Counter-terrorist. The Terrorist faction must make it to certain locations on the map and place a bomb, while the Counter-terrorists must prevent this either through the elimination of all Terrorists or through keeping them away from their targets. In Deathmatch, the goal is for each team is to entirely eliminate the other and often is the type of match to look at if you want to see a team’s combat ability.



Esports is filled with slang that can make it inaccessible to some who want to get into the gaming aspect of it. This has caused cs go betting to gain its own slang in addition to that used in the actual gaming community, creating a difficult to breach barrier for new gamblers who find the language used intimidating and hard to learn. Fear not, however, as there are a few key terms that once realized unlock the rest as a skeleton key.

The first is the term “odds”. Odds are the ratio of profit to cost, a sort of risk factor, for example, if the odds are 1:3 and you bet $6 and win you will make $18, if you lose, you will lose your $6. Contrastingly a 3:1 odds bet will make you $2 for every $6 you bet.

Odds are dependant on a number of factors, including each team's past and current performance, the bets being made on each side, and the particular strengths of each to the current aspects of the maps and match type.

How To Check Stats

Before placing any bet on any CS: GO match it is important to check the stats of the teams and individuals playing. This has become easier and easier with the advancement of the internet and specialized websites. These sites such as csgo-stats.com or hltv.org are incredibly cohesive in their knowledge of players, having details as simple as leaderboards to as detailed as individual players match histories. These are all incredibly important pieces of data when deciding how to place your bets on CS: GO matches and players.


From the leaderboards, you can see how each team performs as compared to others in various different demographics. Live breakdowns of every team while in a match also exist to help give you the best and most up to date idea of every player’s performance before you place your bet. The details that you can glean will also help you create an idea of how each team and player will perform in every situation. With information on their preferred weapons, best-played maps, and even other games they play and how that might affect a player’s ability csgo-stats.com is a key resource for anyone betting on matches.

What to Consider Before Placing Bets

There are several factors to consider before placing a bet in CS: GO. The first thing to look at is the record of the team, more than likely their last five matches. If they have performed well and the matches are recent they are likely to continue doing so. Check their head to head results, as well as teams that are performing well in regular matches but not here, can be relying simply on certain tactics that can lead to unexpected routings.

If you can’t find any recent matches but the team is beginning to play again after a long pause check if the lineup has changed. New members can often ruin a previously exceptional team’s dynamic. Social media can be a great tool to see the state of the actual players. As with any sport, you’ll want to know this as personal drama or illness can negatively affect a team member’s performance and you’ll want to consider this when placing your bet.


The more you can find out about the match also helps when considering who to place your bet on. Certain maps will favor certain teams, also home field advantage matters. Therefore if you can see team history, and how they performed on certain maps you have a great resource to decide your choice with. Team history and if they have a past of catastrophic failure is also a considerable aspect on whether or not to place your money on them.

 Here is a full checklist for you

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322 Matches

When it is said that a particular round of CS: GO is a “322 match” it is a mostly joke term used to describe a player performing so poorly that it makes you wonder if he has bet against his own team and is intentionally throwing the match.

The term originates from a certain Esports match of the game DOTA 2 where a player placed a bet with 3.22 odds  against his own team when they performed particularly poorly.


E-sports Betting Slang

CS: GO is filled with its own special language that you need to understand in order to effectively place your bets and get a profitable return on them. The first to reiterate is the oft jokingly used 322 term, used to imply that a player is purposely throwing a match.

An eco or save round is where a team or player buys only pistols and grenades in order to save money during a round, this can mean a riskier bet. Overall, betting on a particular round is always a roulette, so we advise you to make such bets if only you have strong understanding of a game.

“RWS” stands for round wins shared and is used in the betting community and refers to the skill level of a team or individual.

Strat refers to a team’s strategy when playing and is a key thing to pay attention to when in a multi-round match as it can help you make long-term decisions when betting

The next term to learn is “underdog” an underdog is someone who has been assessed as having very little chance of winning. Sometimes it pays to bet on the underdog as you can make massive amounts of return.

handicap or spread bet is when you don’t bet on a zero-sum such as one player winning or losing, but on how much a player or team will win or lose by. So, instead of betting that player A will win and Player B will lose you bet that Player A will win by a 5 match lead. This is typically done if the odds are particularly highly favoring one candidate.

Proposition bets are bets that a certain event will occur, such as a player pulling off a killstreak of a certain length.


Top 5 CS GO Bookmakers 2018

1.) The top site for CS: GO betting is ArcaneBet. Boasting such advantages as a wonderfully structured website with a fantastically simple to navigate layout and no minimum odds as part of their welcome offer. They also have quick daytime withdrawals. Arcane bet accepts all sorts of betting materials including cryptocurrencies and skins.

They also have great customer support being able to be reached via email, phone, and live chat that are professional and knowledgeable in all areas of their business. ArcaneBet is not perfect however as their fantastic support is limited to particular operating hours and they have a rather poor selection of betting products other than Esports.

2.) Betspawn is an Esports betting site that has a fantastic signup bonus for those looking to get into CS: GO gambling. This bonus is %50 plus %25 on up to 133 Euros with your second and third deposits with the betting site. Withdrawal speed with Betspawn is incredibly fast, usually taking place within the hour during daytime hours.

Rapid settling times add to this sense of punctuality measuring in at around 15 minutes on average. Though they don’t offer customer support over the phone it is available through live chat and email within certain operating hours. The possibility of deposit of bitcoin and skins exists as an added benefit to trendsetters of digital currency.

3.) GG.BET is a site that boasts notable improvements in customer support over its other E-sports online gambling cousins. unlike Betspawn or ArcaneBet, it’s phone, live chat, and email-based support line is open 24 hours a day for any issue that customers may have. The site also runs regular promotions in the form of free bets, deposits, and generous cash back.

The site itself is a beautiful, free-flowing design that makes using GGBET a true pleasure when placing any bet. The website also makes sure to provide as much information on the teams to their clients as possible, making your bet as well informed as can be.

4.) Flamantis is good for those looking for a bit more bang for every buck they put into it. This is because the site adds a %15 bonus to every deposit made to them up to 100 Euros. Their customer service center is available on all platforms but falls short by being available in very limited operating hours of 8 AM to 10 PM GMT, an especially large problem for American users.

Withdrawal times are quick, usually occurring within 2-3 hours within the daytime and settling follows suit at a rapid 10 minutes. The site is incredibly accessible as it has a mobile app for both IOS and Android-powered devices.

5.) Betaway is a great starter site for those new to gambling on CS: GO matches with a welcome offer of exceptionally low minimum odds. They back this with customer support available through all communication methods typically expected of such a company that operates around the clock with exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful support staff.

They are sure to bring you back with a loyalty program that rewards you with free bets over time. Like Flamantis, Betaway offers a mobile app to help keep you connected to your bets.


Accepted Betting Currencies

There are many forms of currency that are accepted for betting on CS: GO matches. Indeed it has become almost a barter system in some cases. Most sites require a deposit before allowing a player to bet. These payments for deposit can come in many forms. All sites accept credit cards as their main source of funds, usually in the Euro or U.S dollar. 

Otherwise, cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted. Bitcoin, in particular, is becoming exceptionally valued. Though this is potentially going to change after the currency has crashed in early 2018. Unique to CS:GO betting many sites offer the ability to make bet deposits in skins and rare loot box drops as they can be worth up to thousands of dollars.

Different Betting Strategies on CS GO

There are two main strategies to betting on CS: GO for beginners. The first is known as the Martingale. The Martingale or double up is used on even chance bets and is where you double the amount you bet every time you lose and return to the original amount when you win. The idea is to bet big and win small. Do not start large, however, as quickly your bets will become very risky.

The second strategy is similar to the double up is Alambert, where you increase your bet by one after a win and decrease by one after a loss. By the time your wins and losses are even you should bein profit. This is what theoretically makes the Alambert the safest, but least profitable.

Risks of Gambling

Gambling, even on Esports has risks of its own that are as old as the practice itself. These risks should be given the proper consideration before anyone even begins to think about starting to game CS: GO matches. Gambling has a natural addictive quality to it, that can quickly become a problem. Therefore it should be noted that anyone who has previously experienced addiction, especially with financial gaming, should give heavy thought to these facts before starting to bet.

Now armed with the proper lingo, resources, and information you can make your way through the world of CS: GO betting. But as always be careful and exercise the proper restraint because it does not do to lose your bottom dollar.


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